Papyrus Author Messages

Sometimes, when certain events happen in Papyrus Author, a message might pop up. These messages can be alerts or contain important information. Settings for messages can be found in the “Preferences” → “User Interface” → “Messages.”

 Show Papyrus’ start dialog at startup” If this is unticked, Papyrus Author will load directly with the last document you had open. To open Papyrus Author with the “Start” screen which gives you access to the templates as well as your recent document, leave this option ticked.

In Windows, you can tell Papyrus Author to “  Ask when closing last document” which allows you to decide what will happen next (quit, file selection, new document) or whether you would like to close the document and quit Papyrus Author.

Display warning messages for system calls” will display a warning when something strange happens in Papyrus Author (which could also be caused by the operating system).

In some instances warning messages can be very useful because they warn you before you do something unintentional or harmful to your document.

However, those who have more Papyrus Author experience can find the warnings annoying after a time. That’s why we have added the checkbox “  Don’t show this warning again” to the displayed message.

If you have selected this option and want to see the warning again, you can find a list of the warning protocols under“Preferences” → “User Interface” → “Messages.” Here you can select messages and turn the warnings back on again.

Last updated by on November 28, 2019