Font Selection

The “Font Panel” dialog under the main menu “Text” → “Font…” allows you to choose from the following text styles:

Font selection dialog

The Font Panel

  • Font family (Times, Swiss, …)
  • Font size (12, 14, …)
  • Text style (bold, italics …)
    as well as the checkboxes
     Small caps”
    All caps”
  • Width/Height ratio (1:1, 1:2, …)

These settings can be applied to your text by clicking on the button, or by double-clicking on the following elements within your text:

  • the text cursor (from this point on, the settings will be applied)
  • a selected block of text (can be complete or discontinuous)
  • one or more selected text objects (e.g. text snippet or note)

You have the option to turn entire parameters (font, style, size) on and off in this dialog. Simply select or deselect the checkbox to the left of the parameter display. If you deselect the option, it will not be applied to your text passage when you hit .

The font panel dialog can also be used to view the current text style. It always displays the settings for the area of text in which you cursor is placed.

Use the button to select discontinuous blocks of text that match the dialog settings and assign them certain font settings as a group, or modify them in some other way.

Choosing a Substitute Font

This dialog will appear when you open a document in Papyrus Author that uses a font which you don’t have installed on your system.

Font replace dialog

The dialog for selecting a substitute font

Choose a substitute font family in this dialog that you would like to replace the font not found in Papyrus Author (or more precisely, not in the installation of your operating system).

If the same font family appears again, Papyrus Author will automatically replace it with your chosen font. There is no need to repeat this step multiple times.

If you would like Papyrus Author to remember this substitute font and always use it in the future, you can select the box “  Always replace this font”.

Of course if you install the “real” font for future use, this will take priority over the substitution.

You can delete these substitute font settings in the “Fonts” dialog under “Preferences” → “Import/Export”

Last updated by on March 30, 2020