Graphic Mode and Text Mode

The Text Mode is for writing and working on your text. The toolbar will show you which mode you are in ( for Text Mode and for Graphic Mode).

In Graphic Mode you can edit, move and copy all of your graphic objects. Most of these options are also available in Text Mode. However, sometimes it is necessary, or at least easier, to work with graphics in the Graphic Mode and have the text out of the way.

In Graphic Mode you can use the arrow keys / / / to precisely position your object. You can set the distance for each keystroke under “Preferences” in the “Keyboard & Mouse” dialog.

There are three ways to switch between Graphic Mode and Text Mode:

  • In the “Insert”→”Graphics” menu, by clicking on the mode of your choice
  • In the Toolbar, by clicking on the Text Mode icon or the Graphic Mode icon
  • In Text Mode, by hitting the key to get to the Graphic Mode, and in the Graphic Mode by double-clicking in the text to return to Text Mode

If you are working with a table you can go to Graphic Mode by selecting multiple table cells or by clicking on a cell while holding down the key (Win) (Mac).

In Graphic Mode, you can activate and change the table lines with your mouse; the smaller lines between cells can be adjusted by holding down the key ( Mac) and clicking with your mouse.

Last updated by on October 21, 2019