Document Tabs

You can have more than one Papyrus Author document open at a time by keeping them in “Tabs” at the top of your window. Tabs will appear above your toolbar and will display all documents you currently have open in Papyrus Author. This allows you to work on more than one document at a time and to easily toggle between them.

If you grab one of the tabs and pull it out, you can display this document in its own window. You can also grab a document and pull it into another Papyrus Author window, which will then display that document with a tab. The order of your tabs can be changed by dragging and dropping.

If you want to drop text or a graphic in a tab that is not currently displayed, you can simply hold your cursor over the tab and it will open.

Additional settings can be found under “Preferences” → “User Interface” → “Tabs.” The settings here allow you to define whether new documents will be opened in a window or a tab. You also have options for associated documents and hyperlinked database documents.

Last updated by on October 28, 2019