Tabulator settings dialog

Tabulator settings

The dialog for tabulator settings can be accessed by double-clicking on a tabulator in the toolbar ruler. This dialog allows you to choose the type of tabs you would like to use:

Left”–Text begins to the right of the tab
Centered”–Text begins at the tab and spreads out equally to the left and the right
Right”–Text spreads out to the left
Decimal / align at character”–a number with a comma or decimal will be aligned with this tab

You can also change the “Distance from the left margin” (measured from the edge of the paper) and you can “Delete a tab.”

Example for tabulator jumps

Finally, you can choose whether the jumps made with the cursor between your tabs should be indicated with a “fill character.”

The color of the fill characters will be the same as the color of your text characters (a tab is a character too).

The fill characters available are dotted thin, dotted medium, dotted thick, line thin, line medium and line thick.

Last updated by on March 26, 2020