The Thesaurus (Synonym Dictionary)

The Thesaurus will show you synonyms and related terms for your word. Synonyms are sorted first by meaning and then by relevance.

Right-clicking any word in your text will open the context menu, and give you access to our Thesaurus.

Thesaurus synonym selection

The Thesaurus can be accessed in the context menu by right-clicking a word

Check the words in bold–these are the headwords for the different categories a word can belong to. Every category represents one meaning or context a word can have.

We took care to find a balance of quality and quantity of synonyms. Especially when writing prose, you will often want to have access to as large an array of words as possible that still fit your purpose.

Papyrus Author has a combination of different thesauri and synonym dictionaries to create a unique, vast and relevant collection.

Last updated by on March 30, 2020