Undo / Redo in Papyrus Author

Papyrus Author can undo any and all actions you take, be it with text, graphics or a table.

So as not to overload the memory, the undo is limited to the last 500 actions, or 20% of the memory, which is definitely more than enough.

Undo redo toolbar dropdown

The “Undo” drop-down menu to see and jump to your changes

The left arrow in the toolbar is the “Undo” button; the right arrow , the “Redo.”

Undo will bring you back a step and redo will bring you forwards again.

If you hit undo and want to get back to where you were, you can use the redo button.

In the “Undo” drop-down menu in the toolbar (visible depending on which toolbar menu you are using) you can also go more than just one step back.

When you first open a document, you will begin at “<Start>”, which means that an action has yet to take place. At this point undo and redo cannot be used.

The undo option can also be used to look back and see how a text looked before you made changes to it. Be careful with this option, though. If you undo actions in the past and then continue working, you cannot use the redo option anymore. This means that redo steps from after the step you went back to are no longer available.

For this reason, Papyrus Author will warn you when you are about to erase more than 10 redo steps.

Undo redo warning dialog

If you go back and continue working from there, the redo steps after this point will be deleted

Last updated by on March 26, 2020