Save for Distribution (Removing Elements for Exporting)

Save for distribution dialog

Choose which elements should be exported and which should be left out

In the menu “File,” under “Publish” → “Save for Distribution” you can choose elements of your Papyrus Author document which you do not want to appear in your final version. Everything you choose here will be filtered and removed when you export and save for publication.

This is a useful option, if, for example, you would like to take out chapter annotations all at once.

Items that can be removed include: revision tracking, highlighter colors and comments belonging to them, chapter annotations, status annotations, chapter scenes, sticky notes, Pinboard objects, text snippets, unused pictures still found in the picture catalog, editing time, username, documents linked to the text, and target settings.

This dialog will only appear when you choose “Publish” or “Save for Distribution,” but not if you simply choose “Save…”

These settings will be saved with the original document. If you choose your settings and click “OK” instead of “Save,” you will save your settings without saving the document for distribution. Then you can come back when you are ready to actually save the document for publication purposes.

Last updated by on March 27, 2020