Archiving and Playing Files Through Papyrus Author

Papyrus Author is suitable as an archive and file manager for various files on your hard drive.

Files of any type can be integrated into Papyrus Base via file reference. You can double-click the file name to have Papyrus Base open a fitting media player set by your operating system to play the file.

If you, for example, stored a sound-file with Papyrus Author, you can play it via double click on the entry in your record without having to leave Papyrus Author and manually open another program.

If you don’t want to register a media player in the operating system, but still want Papyrus Author to use this media player, you can set in the “Viewer” dialog (“Preferences” → “Papyrus Base”) which file types should be played with which media player.

This option takes priority over the media player set by the operating system.

Last updated by on October 30, 2019