Document Path and Path Settings

If you have opened a document and can’t remember in which folder it is located, you have several options to help you find it.

Within your document, you can check the file location by going to “File” → “Open other” → “Show Folder with this Document.”

The “Open Other” sub-menu has several other options as well for “Backups Path…”, “Show Folder of Papyrus Author…” and “Show Folder of Papyrus’ Preferences.”

In the “Paths” dialog in the “Preferences” → “Documents,” Papyrus Author shows you various paths for commonly used file operations. These paths can be selected and edited here. When you select the checkbox “  Lock path”, the path you see in the dialog will always be used for the file selection of that specific operation.

Preferences path settings

Path information and path settings


Always show document’s full path in window title” is useful when you work with files that have similar names. The window title will display the full path to the file on your computer, so you always know exactly which file is currently opened.

Last updated by on March 30, 2020